Dragon Prey

Adventure 1: Scalegloom Hall


Warlord, 1st level warlock. Tinker Bell, 1st level rogue. Ishmael Caine, 1st level ranger. Gorak, 1st level paladin.


The adventurers are sent to take out the local kobold leader in an effort to end kobold-ish activities in the area.


Encounter 1 – The adventurers wander into the enemies’ hideout and, not surprisingly, encounter enemies who promptly ran all kinds of annoyance down on the party. The party easily dispatches the creeps except for one who escapes down a staircase after realizing he would be screwed if he hung around. Tinker Bell realizes she can squeeze through bars.

Encounter 2 – The adventurers wander into the next room where the kobolds have been expecting them. They proceed to engage in a ranged fight except for Tinker Bell who was looking at some statues (luckily, they were trapped or she would’ve felt dumb) and Gorak who was glued to the ground. Tinker Bell gets brave and gets knocked outconscious. Ishmael gets cowardly and survives by hiding behind Warlord.

Encounter 3 – Seeing how dangerous this place could be, the party votes and sends Tinker Bell ahead to scout. She gets spotted. The kobolds plan to use a giant swinging ball to crush the adventurers, but they are taken out before they get a chance to every make one attack due to sharp skills of Warlord and Ishmael. After the fight, Tinker Bell climbs a wall and finds two guard lizards. She makes a quick escape and the party makes short work of the guards. Gorak never successfully hits an enemy.

Encounter 4 – Tinker Bell scouts again, and find two kobold slingers on a platform in the room. She climbs the wall but fails to keep them from activating a boulder trap. The rest of the party rushes forward. Ishmael and Warlord move to take out the slingers while Gorak moves to fight a new enemy that Tinker Bell saw from on top of the platform. After the platform is cleared, Warlord and Ishmael climb up to assault the kobold priest and his two guards but are attacked by a small flying lizard. Gorak reaches the stairs to the kobold priest but the priest’s guards surround Gorak preventing advancement. Tinker Bell rushes over to save Gorak while Ishmael and Warlord exchange blasts of energy and arrows with the flying lizard and the priest. One by one, the enemies fell until the adventurers stood victorious. But there was one more…

Encounter 5 – Tinker Bell scouts again and notes the presence of something in a large cavern. As she returns to inform her companions, the creature moves out and attacks. Its a white dragon and it showers her and Gorak with frosty breath. Gorak moves in to engage the dragon while Ishmael and Warlord begin to rain down a barrage of fire. Tinker Bell unleashes a barrage of shurikens but the attack doesn’t have the desired effect. As Ishmael moves to heal Gorak, Tinker Bell retreats. A few seconds later, Gorak is slashed twice by the dragons claws, picked up and tossed away, lifeless. Tinker Bell disappears is puff of fur and the Ishmael and Warlord run away.



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