Dragon Prey

Adventure 4: Inheritance

The party: Warlord (3rd level warlock), Hinge Stringham (1st level paladin), Tinker Bell (3rd level rogue), Ishmael Caine (3rd level ranger).

The party is summoned to the manor of Deskyr Thanterim and is charged with sneaking into his family’s old mansion and recovering some of his family’s heirlooms. The party makes their way to Urmlaspyr which is under Shadovar control. They explore the town briefly and discover that the Shadovar took the city many decades earlier and outlawed all religions that did not worship Shar. After hearing some rumors about the area, the party goes to the Forbidden Zone and sneaks inside. They wander around the Forbidden Zone, lost, for several hours and finally find the mansion as the sun is setting.

In the crypt, they discover the entrance to the family vault and a altar to Tymora. After consecrating this altar, the party digs their way into the vault. Ancient traps and golems awaken to guard the tomb. The party, in their first combat with Hinge, manuevers into formation to destroy the automatons. Except Tinker Bell, who rushes ahead to turn off the mechanical traps.

They open the vault and Warlord creates a floating disk for the party to pile the treasures on. As they leave the vault, the phantom guardians of the tomb confront the party. Without a word, they attack and are killed by the missiles of the party. A spectre appears and attacks Warlord and Ishmael where they stand at the rear of the party, but it is outnumbered and doesn’t last long.

The party returns to Deskyr and gives him back his family treasure. Among them, he finds the Tymoran Scriptures which he promises to return to the rightful owners at the temple. As a result, the party has received the favor of Tymora’s followers and the emnity of Tymora’s enemies.



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