Dragon Prey

Skirmish: Szartharrax

Players: Tinker Bell, level 3 rogue. Warlord, level 3 warlock. Ishmael Caine, level 3 artillerist. Hinge Stringham, level 1 paladin. Father Tom, level 1 cleric.

The party spread out and walked into the center of the cave. Szartharrax flies from behind a wall and sprays frost over the group, freezing some and terrifying others. Still, the party is able to surround and take down the young white dragon with excellent use of their abilities. After a long fight, only Father Tom is knocked out and that was only very briefly. The party patches themselves up a bit before exploring and finding a chest containing some gold, gems, a piece of dragon hide and a lifedrinker weapon.

Although the party can find the remains of Szartharrax’s victims, there is no sign of their fallen companion Gorak.



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